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Emery Ventures is a premier venture firm focused on rising startups, new brand launches, and reimagined organizations.

Everything has changed.

To transcend market expectations, modern retailers and brands must inspire consumers with elevated product and service offerings in unique, experiential ways.

We seek to be early-stage, long-term partners in a limited number of exclusive companies who are innovating and creating sustainable, scalable business models that aim to define and disrupt big markets.

Our approach offers entrepreneurs a distinct edge to execute business models elegantly, digitally transform, become smarter with scale, build efficient teams, navigate blind spots, and develop a sound monetization strategy to accelerate growth.



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Ron Emery

Ron is President of Emery Ventures with over 20 years of expertise in brand advancement, digital strategy, next-gen commerce and all facets of business operations from small to enterprise markets. His previous roles include: President of an award-winning job search and content platform (Chicago, Illinois), Consultant for various marketing agencies (Denver, Colorado) and Campaign Strategist for an industry-leading AdTech company (Chicago, Illinois) that was acquired by Google.


Anna Emery

Over the past 15 years, Anna has helped companies refine business models, understand evolving consumers, develop brand messaging and face competitive challenges. Her previous roles include: Executive Director for an award-winning job search and content platform (Chicago, Illinois), Director of Marketing & Partner Relations for a large corporation (Scottsdale, Arizona) and Senior Account Manager at a MarTech firm (Nashville, Tennessee).


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